I am now booking Corporate Holiday Parties! Here is some feedback that I received from last year’s Corporate Christmas shows!

“All of the reviews I’ve heard back on your performance were very positive. We were all “Belly Laughing” in our seats.  The people you picked on in the crowd were so well chosen, it was hilarious. The references you made throughout the night fit our company’s humor so well. I wanted to extend our appreciation to you for making the trip to Saskatoon and for making our event so special.”  Katherine O.

“That was Phenomenal Everyone loved it!”  Dale G.

“Thank you for everything! We have gotten great feedback from the client that your set was a hit! We will definitely be keeping you in mind throughout the year.” Megan D.

“Excellent performance! Great medical jokes about physician offices and specialist’s office. We loved it! It was a great performance by Brian Stollery. We were very happy with his performance and with his professionalism. We look forward to following him wherever he is performing!” Dr. Rafiq MBBS, LMCC

I would love to perform at your Corporate Christmas Party! Contact me!