Do you ever get the sense that everything in the news is just a Hollywood creation?

For instance: The World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians was a perfect Hollywood script. We have two teams playing for the championship, both trying to win after a long drought. The Cubs haven’t won in 108 years and Cleveland last won 68 years ago. Despite Cleveland leading the series by three games, the Cubs make a remarkable come-back, winning two games to force game 7. The score is all tied up in the bottom of the ninth, pushing into an extra inning where the Cubs win! It was the perfect Hollywood ending! (except for fans in Cleveland). And interestingly enough, this is one thing Donald Trump doesn’t claim to be ‘fixed!’

And, speaking of the U.S. Presidential election, that’s coming down to the wire too! We’ve had more ups and downs in this election that can be counted. Hillary managed to gain a safe lead with the sex scandals, but now the Clinton emails are back and so is “THE Donald.” And now, just days away from the election, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck and neck (which, coincidentally is also known as a Mexican standoff).

No one in Hollywood with any sense for the ‘biz’ would create a blockbuster with a slam dunk for one candidate. Nobody would watch that, there needs to be a big build of suspense before the end, likely with a twist or two right before the big finish. It’s got to be entertaining because the networks need viewers so they can sell us stuff.

It all does have a sense of being scripted doesn’t it?
All that’s missing is Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.