The live event industry was the first to be shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and we will be the last to return to work. This is a visual representation of how many live event workers will likely remain unemployed until the end of the pandemic. #LightUpLive #LightUpLiveYYC #EclaironsLesScenes #WeBuildEntertainment

Message from a fan

I received a very kind message from a fan yesterday!“I was just listening to “Brian Out Loud” yesterday. Made me laugh my ass off during this crazy shit that’s going on. We all need some humor right now, seriously. Stay healthy, be safe my friend.” Paul S.

Christmas Show in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan audiences are a lot of fun. “All of the reviews I’ve heard back on your performance were very positive. We were all “Belly Laughing” in our seats.  The people you picked on in the crowd were so well chosen, it was hilarious. The references you made throughout the night fit our company’s humor so well.I wanted to extend our appreciation to you for making … Read More