November 11, “Lest We Forget”

I have had the privilege to spend time overseas performing for our troops. Today I remember all the brave men and women of our Canadian forces. I am thankful for the peace and freedom I enjoy because of the sacrifices they make.

Donald Trump wins Presidency

Dear America, You have always been our cool older cousin. We wanted to hang out with you, be like you and do what you were doing. Now, you’re like our crazy old uncle. We hope you’ll just sit in the corner and not get into trouble.


I just returned from another great weekend performing stand-up comedy in Saskatchewan. What terrific audiences they have; I always feel welcome and have a lot of fun with these shows. I look forward to being back soon. I leave below the official flag of Saskatchewan!

The World Series and The U.S. Presidential Election

Do you ever get the sense that everything in the news is just a Hollywood creation? For instance: The World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians was a perfect Hollywood script. We have two teams playing for the championship, both trying to win after a long drought. The Cubs haven’t won in 108 years and Cleveland last … Read More

The Economy

I often listen to the news on the radio. The announcers are always coming up with creative ways to say the headlines and sometimes they stick in my head. This is my response to some top stories. I appreciate the Comedy Cave in Calgary letting me work this out on their stage.

Scary Clowns…Donald Trump

I was at my local Calgary Canadian Tire Store today and they have removed all the Clown Costumes, however, they still have the Donald Trump Costume! Quite frankly, I am more scared of the Trump costume…

Comedian Kevin Meaney

I was very saddened to hear the news of the death a wonderful comedian. “We’re big pant people” Kevin Meaney RIP

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball – ALCS

Here is a joke I wrote about the Toronto Blue Jays game I attended while headlining in Toronto at The Absolute Comedy Club. Let’s go Blue Jays!

Christmas Season and Corporate Shows

The recent snow must have reminded everyone the Christmas season is approaching! I’ve just booked two more Corporate Christmas Shows and am looking forward to the 2016 season. The customization I do for many corporate events makes the shows a lot of fun. If you are looking to book a comedian for the 2016 Christmas season please contact me soon, … Read More

Interview with Ben Miner of Sirius XM

Here is an interview I did this summer in Toronto with Sirius XM Radio’s, Ben Miner. As the first-ever winner of Sirius XM’s “Top Comic” contest, we had a lot of fun chatting about my own experiences and how the competition has grown in its seven years. It’s always a blast to hang out with Ben!