I’ve started my week heading at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa.  I’m excited to perform for audiences all week here!  I also managed to get out to the Parliament Buildings.  There’s always so much to see and do in the capital city!

Great Weekend Shows in Ottawa

That’s a wrap for the first week of shows in Ottawa.  It’s been a great week of shows here at Absolute Comedy.  I enjoyed working with the very funny DJ Demers and funny man, Andrea Packer.  I’m looking forward to headlining next week!

Another Fun Corporate Show

I had a lot of fun performing in Saskatoon last night.  I provided some comedy for the Alberta division of this company a week ago and their Saskatchewan crew last night.  There were a couple people at both shows and I received this great compliment:

“I laughed just as hard at your show this time and I saw you at our Edmonton corporate “spring kickoff” last week!”
Tricia S.

It’s always a pleasure to perform for great companies like this one!

After the Show

After the Show