Family Support

I couldn’t be a comedian and do what I do without the support of my family.
It’s always nice to receive support from my step-sons after a show!

On Broadway

I am so excited to be performing on Broadway tonight! Hello, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Bound!

I’m catching an early morning flight to Regina to perform for a great group this evening!
Saskatchewan audiences are a lot of fun. Looking forward to the show!

Corporate Comedy Show Feedback

I’m so delighted when I get this kind of feedback from a show. It’s rewarding and I appreciate the kind words.

“I’m impressed how you work in the local info and jokes… you really do your homework and make it all fit nicely – which I recognized as a perfect fit for a corporate (Chamber) event.”

I was honoured to perform my stand up comedy at a corporate show this weekend with Fort McMurray Fire Chief, Darby Allen in the audience.

A Fun Night of Stand-Up Comedy!

I get to meet some wonderful people in my travels. This is Rose who runs the Lac La Biche Regional Museum & Discovery Centre! Thank you of your laughter Rose!

Corporate Parties

I’m busy working on customized material for some Corporate Comedy shows this weekend in Alberta.
It’s interesting getting to know the different people and companies that hire me for their events.
Looking forward to meeting everyone and performing stand up for them this weekend.


Dane Cook in Calgary

I had the opportunity to see Comedian Dane Cook this evening at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary.
It’s always fun to watch stand up comedy and keep up with what other great comedians are doing!
Good thing his mom changed his name to Dane…I’m not sure a night of stand up with Angus-McIsaac would have been as good.