That’s a wrap on my week headlining at Absolute Comedy Kingston.
My thanks to the talented comedians I worked with Dan “Man Town” Allaire and Kyle “Sugar T****” Mesdag!
A big shout out to Derek MacFarlane and Allison Murphy who helped fill the club this week. Putting “bums in seats”, during this time, is very challenging and they do a stellar job!
The serving, door and kitchen staff are so good at this club, and make my job as a performer, very easy. And last but not least THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT OUT TO A SHOW!!

Absolute Comedy Ottawa

I had a great time at Absolute Comedy in Ottawa these past 2 weeks! My thanks to all the people who came out and of course to the great staff and talented comedians I worked with!
As a side note- I am very appreciative of all the Covid safety precautions Absolute Comedy is taking to keep us all safe!