CD Review

I listened to your CD, “For Brian Out Loud” – I gotta hand it to you, sir, very well done.  It’s some of the wittiest work I have heard!  I actually listened to it a second time and man, it was better than the first time.  Really well written!”

Nick C – Nashville, TN

Comedy Monday Night

“I’ve seen you here many times. You always rock the room! Great job tonight” – Bren







Photographer: Chris Aziz

Fun in Edmonton

I had a great time performing for this group in Edmonton on Friday night.  What a great audience!!!

Nice Feedback

I’m always grateful when I receive feedback from clients.

“You were a true professional…Very good job!”

“You were so funny and we had a lot of good feedback from everyone”


It’s a snowy night in Calgary, but I’m ready to hit the stage for a good cause!